The frigid continent of Esamir resides near Auraxis’ northern pole. The landmass has two redeeming qualities. First is the spires of violet auraxium crystals, the oldest and largest on the planet, jutting out of the landscape to heights exceeding twenty meters. The second is Auraxis’ aurora borealis that frequently decorates the sky with sheets of luminescent emerald. Apart from that, it’s considered a god-forsaken wasteland of ice where only the hardiest of organisms barely cling onto life. Temperatures rarely break freezing. Roaring, white-out blizzards frequently rake the continent. Conditions weren’t always like this, however. When humans first landed on Auraxis, it was only a frigid hellscape when turned away from Luminaire, kept warm by a blanket of carbon dioxide. When humans attempted to remove the prevalent greenhouse gas from the atmosphere, with disastrous consequences to photosynthetic life, temperatures plummeted across Auraxis. Even now, two centuries later, Esamir’s climate hasn’t rebounded. Frostbite Harbor, one of the first facilities constructed on the continent, continues its two centuries of inoperation on account of the river it’s situated on being frozen solid.


Massive icebergs gather off the coast of Esamir. Hardy tundra shrubs weather the cold on the rocky beach.


Auraxium formations loom over a Terran watchtower.


A windswept, frozen lake.


Esamir’s aurora borealis.