Dormir- Sleeping. Amir- Ruler.

Doramir is a Saturn-mass hydrogen gas giant which orbits in Luminaire’s habitable zone, in the third position behind two rocky planets. Its presence there precluded any smaller worlds forming and staying in the zone themselves, and several planets are likely to have smashed into it in the process of the system’s formation. This would have given it a debris disk not unlike a young star that eventually coalesced into its various moons, most importantly Auraxis and Tauaxis.

Being within its star’s frost line, Doramir, unlike Jupiter, Saturn, Caelus and Neptune, has a large amount of water, oxygen and nitrogen in its upper atmosphere. Coupled with heightened atmospheric turbulence brought about by its close orbit and slow rotation, this leads to it having a lack of atmospheric banding, few large storms, and a serene blue colour. It can, at a glance, be confused for a terrestrial planet.

From the planet’s “surface” several kilometres from space, the air is rich in oxygen and water, and the view could easily be mistaken for one on an Earthlike planet, with towering white clouds and pleasant ambient temperatures… minus the lack of a solid ground.