Cyssor is a strange sight to many; a semi-tropical paradise surrounding a city of immense proportions, and further despoiled by the ‘Iron Ring’ that dominates most of the landscape of the once-pristine continent. Whilst many trees similar to Terra’s palms dot the vast beaches and many of the grassy plains, an equal amount of Cyssor is covered by nanofabrication plants, high rises, great monuments, and military installations. Despite this juxtaposition between nature and humanity, the Auraxian people living on Cyssor are respectful of their surroundings.

Invicta, the capital of both the Terran Republic and Auraxis, is a city beyond match, even when compared to the sprawling megacities of Terra itself. It is a complex grid of exquisite squares, filled with monuments to the people of Auraxis and their achievements, connected by wide streets and walkways, covering almost 120 square kilometres. Invicta was the first city to be constructed upon landfall on Auraxis, and has always been dominated by its Terran Republic affiliation. It is both the capital of Auraxis and the commercial centre of Auraxium-based products, as well as the strongest military bastion of the Republic, thanks to the Iron Ring. Invicta is best known for the flats zones located near the centre of the city, as well as iconic structures such as the Sanguine Keep, the Auraxian Congress, and its various military academies and separate academic institutes.

The Iron Ring is the series of fortifications surrounding the Republican capital of Invicta, as well as the isolated Rebirthing system exclusive to the soldiers of the city. The Iron Ring was originally conceived by Brent Waterson, Provisional Commander of the colonisation fleet, and later President of Auraxis, but each subsequent leader of the Auraxian people has expanded it further with each term. For example, Eva Alerie, the former President of Auraxis, commissioned another layer to the ring, building staggered walls and tank deterrents to ensure Invicta’s safety against heavy armour, as well as replace the aging TRAG artillery system with the newer, more precise, TR-LRA3 artillery system, to bombard any enemy fleets that may encroach upon Invicta. The primary components of the Iron Ring are the three increasingly thick walls that surround the city and the weapon platforms they carry, plus the activatable shield domes that protect the city in the event of a WMD strike. Positioned at regular intervals are large barracks of well-drilled, well-trained, and well-equipped Republican soldiers who keep a vigilant watch over Invicta and Cyssor, having sworn to keep their homeland safe.