Vanu Sovereignty


A meritocratic technocracy that seeks to ascend to a higher plane of existence through technology and adherence to the ways of an ancient alien race.


Created out of desperation as the human race stood at the precipice of a second Great War, the Vanu Sovereignty is a splinter faction formed by former TR scientists and civilians who seek to emulate a long-gone alien species known colloquially as “the Vanu”. From what little can be gleaned, the Vanu placed heavy emphasis on progress, technology and science, and believed that the community should collectively pool their resources to this end. The Sovereignty has interpreted this as meaning what most humans refer to as communism, alongside a form of technocracy.

Their society is heavily based on intellectualism and is extremely technophilic. Their near-worship of technology and progress has led to a strong transhumanist undercurrent, leading many VS to undergo massive alterations to their bodies and minds to the point of almost being entirely synthetic. The VS is also the only faction to use general artificial intelligence that is on-par or superior to humans, and treats them as equals with few limitations. They can be found working as soldiers or piloting vehicles, but are usually dedicated to more intellectual pursuits.

The Vanu do not have a conventional government, as they are a stateless nation. They organize both their scientific bases and military outposts by relegating duties to those most suited to the task; this can be decided by a vote, or dictated by non-sapient AIs to prevent nepotism. The VS has no settlements inhabited by civilians pursuing their own ends; the VS’ few tens of thousands of members are almost universally enrolled in the military or a scientific discipline. The only exceptions are children, who stay in their headquarters located at Axis Mundi.

Their economy is non-existent in a conventional sense; they fully embrace nanotechnology to create a situation of unlimited abundance, and use an informal gift economy to distribute resources where they are needed without regard for money. This has created an ironic situation where the VS are not very materialistic; they only value the irreplaceable artifacts they research.

Though they fashion themselves as the most progressive faction, their condescension towards those that oppose them alongside their perceived lack of humanity by the other factions has lead to them getting few recruits beyond Sentinels and Zealots. Instead of guerrilla tactics of the NC or the overwhelming strike forces and shock tactics of the TR, the Vanu leverage their massive technological superiority to create weapons and defenses that are leaps and bounds ahead of the other faction’s offerings. As a rule of thumb, one Vanu soldier can take on ten enemies alone, but is outnumbered at least ten to one.

Disparaged as fanatics and as being anti-human, the Vanu Sovereignty have made clear their only goal is nothing short of creating an enlightened race of artificially evolved humans.