Terran Republic


An authoritarian collectivist government with the goal of ensuring the preservation and unity of Humankind.


The Terran Republic is Auraxis’ continuation of Earth’s mighty global government, with a strong emphasis on community and order. Unlike its predecessor however, the Terran Republic of Auraxis has been forced by circumstances to put strong restrictions on personal and corporate freedoms to preserve peace in the face of extinction on the new world.

With a civilian population in the low millions and (what was at the time) a small military force, the Terran Republic was besieged from day one by both overtly hostile indigenous lifeforms and independent-minded colonists affiliated with the New Conglomerate. They had no choice but to heavily militarize in an attempt to preserve their once prosperous way of life. But even this did not stop discontent from spreading, and eventually they were plunged into an apocalyptic war just as their ancestors had been.

Faced with the prospect of being overwhelmed by the superior technology of the Vanu Sovereignty and undermined by the guerrilla tactics of the New Conglomerate, the Terran Republic has instituted widespread conscription of non-essential citizens and adopted simple yet efficient weapons, hoping to use their numbers and materiel advantage over the other two factions to dominate the field akin to nations from the 20th through 25th century.

While their detractors may decry it to be a glorified junta and call its laws draconian, the Republic’s ultimate goal is ostensibly to reopen the Wormhole and reconnect with the Old Republic; or to recreate it on Auraxis if that plan fails.