New Conglomerate


A libertarian democracy backed by corporate interests, dedicated to spreading liberty to the people of Auraxis.


With a history dating back centuries  to the formation of the Old Terran Republic, the New Conglomerate is a band of rebels, malcontents and freedom fighters backed by mega-corporations and wealthy benefactors.

What is today known as the “New Conglomerate” was once just a descriptive term for a business venture called “Business Forward” that sought to ease the economic sanctions imposed on industry by the TR.

The TR, being a socialist state, aggressively nationalized and collectivized many industries in an attempt to democratize the economy. This “Business Forward” was an attempt by the few corporations that remained privately owned to pool their resources to fight the reforms and restore a liberal democracy where they could operate without restraint. Their power grew slowly but surely, and eventually they had grown to the extent where they employed a large private army of mercenaries, and a small fleet of ships. Their influence enabled them to have a small number of their officials and security forces present aboard the fleet of former president Connery when it passed through the wormhole.

Unfortunately, the wormhole closed and sealed the fleet off from Earth, leaving them stranded in deep space with no apparent salvation. Tensions between Business Forwards and the Terran Republic reached critical levels, with the former eventually relabelling themselves as the “New Conglomerate” to more easily sway civilians into supporting them. Fortunately, Auraxis was found before things became exceptionally violent, and the NC was able to disperse somewhat as the planet was terraformed.

This fledgling power quickly found an enemy in the “reborn” Terran Republic of Auraxis, who essentially shut down the private sector and restricted personal freedom to secure state interests. The NC’s continuing growth in military and economic power prompted massive crackdowns across the planet and the deaths of many people. Their massive disregard for human rights enraged many with a libertarian bend, and eventually things fell apart, with the liberty-seeking rebels siding with the private corporations against a common enemy.

The New Conglomerate found a temporary friend in the newborn Vanu Sovereignty, which provided it with rebirthing and advanced nanotechnology to assist them in their defeat of the Terran Republic. Unfortunately, the VS’s dogged insistence on a future free from the influence of the NC’s corporate benefactors precluded a lasting association, and the alliance fell apart a few years after forming when the VS launched Operation Vidar.

Regarded as terrorists by the Terran Republic for not submitting to their demands, and as unenlightened by the Vanu Sovereignty for their “foolish adherence to outdated beliefs”, the New Conglomerate has nevertheless become a safe haven for those with a desire to be free.