Nanite Systems


A massive R&D corporation with a strict neutrality pact with all three major factions.


Nanite Systems, founded centuries ago on Terra by Dr. Jacinto Lockley, is a megacorporation with a focus on studying and improving human nanotechnology.

Originally part of the old Terran Republic and later the New Conglomerate, Nanite Systems grew apart from both organizations and eventually entered a state of quasi-independence after their conflict threatened NS’ continuing research of alien nanotechnology.

This drove them into the hands of the Vanu Sovereignty, who eventually absorbed much of NS into their own organization with their promise of unlimited access to artifacts and funding (or rather, the abolishing of “funding” as a concept). What remained of the company broke off once again to become fully independent of any faction in addition to being completely neutral, and now it is primarily concerned with expanding humanity’s presence on Auraxis while providing for the frequently besieged civilian populations of all three factions.

Through development of medicine, civilian construction, and terraforming NS is the organization largely responsible for the opening up of new areas to the general population. Though Auraxis may technically be a habitable planet, a great deal of the planet is still brutally inhospitable to unaugmented  humans, featuring extreme temperatures, dangerous creatures and foreign diseases to which humans have no immunity. NS provides frontiersmen, hunters and pioneers the necessary equipment to survive in these harsher areas.

In addition to their humanitarian pursuits, NS is ironically also a dealer in weapons and military equipment, providing basic, but immensely reliable support to those who desire it without discrimination. Everything from light tanks, to rifles, to aerial battleships are available in great abundance. The VS typically treats these as platforms to build off of (preferring instead their reverse-engineered alien technology), however the TR and NC are well-known for using NS-licenced vehicles and weapons to great effect.

While civilians are not permitted to use heavy military equipment in the NC or TR, they frequently use NS weapons such the the Underboss and Baron as personal weapons. They may also occasionally use medical applicators and repair tools that use NS-brand nanites.



Nanite Systems produces a large array of civilian and military vehicles for use by major and minor factions.

Of particular note are the Galaxy, Flash, Liberator, Lightning, Valkyrie and Sunderer. They are commonly used as versatile attack platforms with an emphasis on moddability and durability.

The Lightning-class light tank, designed by Nanite Systems, is possibly the most versatile and popular tank on Auraxis. It’s vast selection of turret variants, combined with its one-man design, thanks to the ONN networks Nanite Systems has tirelessly developed, allows it to combat virtually any threat on the battlefield, armour, infantry, or aircraft. The primary function of the Lightning is as an all-round vehicle, utilised mainly for scouting before a main force, but with weapon systems such as the L100 long cannon and the Skyguard anti-aircraft battery, can be modified to a pilot’s whims. Lightnings have also been known to have been used as makeshift ladders in more desperate scenarios, as well as mobile cover and bridges over particularly impassable ravines and rivers.

The Nanite Systems Valkyrie-class dropship comes in many flavours, from the personnel carrier that is the J model, to the heavily armed C model. However, all members of the Valkyrie family incorporate speed and manoeuverability, as well as decent firepower, into a troop carrier base, allowing for the insertion of soldiers into enemy territory, usually behind a hail of 20mm fire or a barrage of missiles and rockets. The C model, however, uses weapons that are generally far more fearsome; the G30V Vulcan, V22 Brimstone flechette rocklets, and napalm canisters capable of blanketing almost a square kilometre in fiery retribution.

The Flash-class light transport is a simple, robust design, intended for use with remote farmers and as an alternative to a motorcycle. However, the Auraxium War saw the Flash often used as both a transport for two man sniper teams, and as an unorthodox weapon platform, usually for the previously disused S12 Renegade, and the M40 Fury-F, typically utilised in conjunction with a modified variant of the cloaking systems infiltration suits use to conceal themselves from prying eyes.

Nanite Systems also manufactures other vehicles not seen on the battlefield such as civilians autos and bulk air transports.
By virtue of their policy of non-discrimination, NS vehicles are licensed to all three factions.