NAME: Zada

GENDER: Female


RANK: Venator




DATE OF BIRTH: 14 August, 2812

PLACE OF BIRTH: Dea, Forseral


Born Adelaine Leclerc, to Marcus Leclerc, a farmer, and his wife Priya, Zada was the Venator of the Vanu Sovereignty independent unit known as Basq Sect. Raised in a quiet town on Forseral, Adelaine’s first employment was as a secretary working for a small local firm, before she decided to perform much the same role for officers of the military on Cyssor. Being assigned to Field Marshal Blake Huntington, Adelaine was deeply unhappy with the behaviour of her superior, being the subject of near-constant verbal and mental abuse. Following one of the few occasions where the officer physically struck out at her, Adelaine made plans to escape from her lowly role. When her first attempt to escape Huntington failed, and frequent physical abuse followed, Adelaine decided to make her way to somewhere far the Field Marshal’s reach. She packed a bag with provisions and drove from Invicta, happening across a small group of the Adherents of Vanu, who offered her free shelter and warmth from the elements. During the time in which Adelaine traveled with the Adherents, she became interested in the artefacts of the Vanu, eventually shedding her name and former ties to become one with the Adherency. Now known as Zada, and driven by her bitterness at her former predicament, she was one of the first to join the military of the newly formed Vanu Sovereignty in 2845. Her eagerness to please and vague understanding of Terran military practises allowed her training to advance considerably faster than many of the other trainees, leading to her being assigned the rank of Venator and given command of a small, independent scouting unit attached to the 1st Light of Vanu; Basq Sect. Zada led this unit, originally consisting of herself, Adherent Bordil, Adherent Render, Adherent [REDACTED] and Adherent [REDACTED], during the brutal Hossinian massacre, savage Indarian campaign and subsequent war of attrition with the New Conglomerate and the Terran Republic. Following Adherent [REDACTED] and Adherent [REDACTED]’s transfer to an unspecified unit, Basq was assigned two newly minted Initiates, Karno and Enna, with another Initiate, Therris, joining later the same year. Basq went on to enjoy minor successes as this larger team before they were removed from active duty to participate in the [REDACTED] Project.