Victor Azasia

    Victor Azasia, born in the farming town of Dreyll, is the sole civilian survivor of the Dreyll Massacre, which was one of the earliest known uses of PMC troops in Amerishi conflicts. After the Massacre, he sought sanctuary with the Adherents of Vanu. He was soon found to be proficient at stealth and hand-to-hand combat, and was selected to be a part of covert operations to obtain Vanu artifacts from the TR. When Henry Briggs returned to the Adherents of Vanu, bringing with him an experimental TR cloaking device, the Adherents reverse-engineered the device, and Azasia was the first to use it on missions. Eventually, the name of the cloaking device- “Stalker” -became synonymous with Azasia.

     In 2847, the Vanu Sovereignty initiated a contingency plan known as Operation Vidar, in which they disabled the NC’s WMDs, as well as the Hossin rebirthing network. Azasia became a key player in this plan, gaining the VS access to many crucial pieces of data, as well as being a member of the strike team that took down the Western Hossin Warpgate.
    The Technocracy became fascinated by Azasia. While he cared little for the religion of the VS, he was immensely loyal, due in no small part to his emotional scarring from the Dreyll Massacre, and was incredibly effective. The Technocracy, inspired by this, attempted to replicate this through the Sentinel program.