Terrence Matherson

CEO of Genudine Multiplanetary and a founding member of Business Forward and the New Conglomerate. Terrance, upon landfall on Auraxis, immediately went about establishing Business Forward on this newfound world, separating the Conglomerate into multiple different sub-companies, such as the Lithosphere Corporation, to ensure that if one wing of the larger operation collapsed, it would not drag the rest of his interests down with it. However, the Terran Republic seized all of LithCorp’s known assets, as well as many other enterprises of Mattherson’s, and set them to use for the Republic’s own desires. Mattherson, incensed by the blatant disregard for the private sector, secretly began distributing schematics and weaponry to the small terrorist group known as “The New Republic” in hopes of shattering the TR’s illusion of order. When the New Republic grew larger, Mattherson began to offer supplies on the condition that they be used to liberate certain settlements or attack certain key Terran facilities. In this way, Mattherson slowly gained command of a secret force of mercenaries and freedom fighters. Mattherson continued his secret mission, building great underground cities in anticipation of the Republic’s wrath, and starting a collection of powerful weapons of mass destruction to ensure they would be taken seriously upon declaring independence.