Stewart Waites

Temporary Outline: Stewart Waites’ father, geologist, discovered and named Auraxium and subsequently Auraxis, lead the team researching Auraxium at Deepcore Geolab and The Auger. Upon the NC’s severance from the TR, the TR pulled his team from their research into the physics behind Auraxium to develop the material’s potential as a weapon. Under this directive, his team developed the first Auraxium-infused nanites in conjunction with Nanite Systems.

2610: Stewart Waites born on Ares Station orbiting Mars. Looking down on the world and all its beauty every day inspires him to become a geologist.

2634: years old when Isaac (24) marries Ruby Vanlith.

2636: Stewart (26) graduates from Armstrong University with a PhD in Geology. He and Ruby apply to join the wormhole expedition that same year. They are accepted.

2638: The fleet launches from Earth.

2640: The fleet passes through the wormhole. The science vessel Stewart (30) Ruby were aboard is heavily damaged by the collapse. They survive and are evacuated successfully.

2643: Stewart (33) arrives on New Earth with the fleet. Immediately takes an interest in mysterious purple crystals found all over the world and begins studying them with the blessing of the Terran colonial government.

2647: Stewart (37), finding that the properties of this material extend far beyond the field of geology, consults with team of physicists, mineralogists, seismologists, and materials scientists to assist in its study. He names the material Auraxium as a combination of the words Aura and Axiom.

2649: Deepcore Geolab constructed on Amerish to map the interior of Auraxis, Stewart (39) is made a chief scientist. He proves that auraxium originates at the core of New Earth and theorizes that its seismological effects are responsible for the release of toxic gases into the atmosphere.

2650: Stewart (40) joins Henry Briggs on a spelunking mission deep into the crust of Auraxis to study deep auraxium formations. Though Briggs’ discovery of a Vanu artifact in a Vanu ruin in the same expedition overshadows this, Isaac is able to prove his theory correct.

2651: Simulations taking into account the gravitic properties of an auraxium core successfully explain New Earth’s anomalous orbit. Isaac (41) derives a name from this  On the 7th anniversary of planetfall, New Earth is renamed to Auraxis.

2658: Auraxis’ atmosphere declared breathable.

2660: Stewart (50) Fathers Stewart Waites, the first child to be born on New Earth.

2728: Isaac Waites (118) dies of natural causes.