Sophia Vitayeva


NAME: Sophia Natalia Azanova Vitayeva



University of Invicta [Doctorate, Nanomedicine]


Head of Auraxium Research and Development


Medical Nanite Application Research and Development Programme

Auraxium Applications Research Programme

Rebirthing Project

Nanofabrication Research and Development Programme

Artefact Research Initiative

[Husband] Mikhail Vitayev

[Daughter] Natalia Vitayeva

[Son] Vasily Vitayev
[Father] Misha Azanov
[Mother] Anya Azanov
[Sister, Elder] Freyja Azanova

Sophia Azanova Vitayeva, born Sophia Azanova, is a scientist in the Terran Republic’s nanoscience division. Born to Commissar Misha Azanov, of the 1st Schwarz Corps, in the Summer of 2814, Sophia was always instilled with a loyalty to the Republic’s ideals, even from a very young age. Studying at the University of Invicta, and subsequently gaining a doctorate in nanosciences at the extremely young age of 24, she was assigned to a project, under Professor Stewart Waites, in 2838. This project, dubbed the ‘Rebirthing Project’, would eventually borne the technology that would cause the eternal war that plagues Auraxis. Sophia, despite her relative youth in comparison with Waites, Jacob Daniels, and Allan Wright, the three other lead scientists on the project, was chosen to partake in research due to both her specialisation in nanosciences and her fresh outlook on researching as a whole. The project culminated during the Autumn of 2840, during Sophia’s brief period of absence. It was during this absence, at a nanoscience lecture in the Republican city of Cassia, that Sophia would meet her future husband; Mikhail Vitayev. The two would remain in close contact, becoming quickly romantically entwinned when Sophia returned from her brief station at an undisclosed facility. The couple bought a house together in the suburban sprawl just outside Invicta, marrying in 2842. The two subsequently took a hiatus from their respective employments, before deciding to try for a family together in the early months of 2844. This plan was somewhat marred following Mikhail being convinced to return to the Republican Army by several of his former comrades, and yet came to fruition weeks later when Sophia tested positive for pregnancy. The couple’s daughter, Natalia, was born late in the Autumn of that year. Mikhail returned to active service shortly afterwards, leaving Sophia on Cyssor to return to working on the Rebirthing Project. In 2845, the Rebirthing Project finally produced a reliable method of producing biological templates to create live subjects from, earning Sophia a commendation from the President of the Republic herself for her work on the project, and creating the first immortal soldiers of the Great Auraxian War. Mikhail and Sophia were able to fleetingly reunite when he was brought to the facility to be instantiated into the Rebirthing network, but any further interactions in the flesh were impossible until Mikhail finally returned from his tour of duty in 2849. Mikhail left later the same year, returning to active service, for unknown reasons. Sophia continued her research following the birth of her second child, Vasily, and, as of 2861, oversaw much of the Auraxium Research and Development wing of the Republic’s nanoscience division.