Saskia Ruysch


Affiliation: New Conglomerate ‘Partisans’

Blood Type: B

Hair Colour: Blonde

Eye Colour: Blue

Accent: Danish in origin


Executive Field Operations Director Saskia Ruysch grew up working on a Lithosphere Corporation mine on Amerish. She originally worked as a materials sorter above ground; however, her pale complexion led to severe sunburns in this work, and she was soon transferred to a mining team below ground. Her work ethic and charismatic personality saw her quickly rising to the head of her mining team, and, on her 20th birthday, she became the head of her community.

Five years later, the now-infamous Liberty’s Call protests occurred. A third of Saskia’s community was killed, and another hundred were captured and sent to the Kane prison compound on Searhus. Over the next few years, Saskia helped move the rest of her communities, as well as various other communities like hers on Amerish, Indar, and Cyssor. Seeing her ability to easily take charge and organize, the Board asked her to be an officer in their growing army to fight the TR. Still angry at the TR for the death and capture of large parts of her community, she accepted.

Saskia helped the NC win several decisive victories in the subsequent proxy war, and became a legend within the NC forces. However, her military career was abruptly cut short in 2759 when she was critically injured and captured by the TR forces. She was placed in cryonic storage and, following the rebirth of Henry Briggs, was used as a test subject, becoming the second successful rebirth after Briggs.

Following her rebirth, the TR attempted to, using reeducation, turn her to their side- what could be more demoralizing for the NC than one of their greatest heroes fighting on the side of their enemies? Unfortunately (for the TR, that is), she resisted this brainwashing, and, with the help of NS scientists secretly allied with the VS, she managed to escape and reach the NC forces just in time to aid in their assault on the Kane prison compound.

Following the leak of rebirth tech to the NC by the very same scientists who had helped her escape, and the subsequent alliance between the NC and VS, Saskia was chosen to be the NC liaison to the Technocracy. This was due to her being the first living human after Briggs to have of experienced rebirthing, and the only other one (on the NC) to have experienced a rebirthing free of the painkillers and neural anesthetic used in the rebirthing of soldiers. However, her close ties with the VS, as well as her political differences with the Board, prevented her from rising above the rank of () until Operation Vidar.

Saskia had always straddled the line between NC and VS. Her rebirthing had always given her a sense of connection to the VS, and her socialist ideals clashed with the capitalist ones of the board. This changed with the advent of Operation Vidar. Saskia was, above all else but her desire for freedom, loyal to the troops she commanded, and she viewed the VS’s actions as an attack on her soldiers. She was one of the first to take up arms against the VS, and this collapse of the final argument against her loyalty to the cause left the Board with no choice but to promote her to the ultimate field commander of the NC army.