Mikhail Vitayev



NAME: Mikhail Leonid Vitayev

RANK: Major


ACADEMY: Cassia Military Academy


PREVIOUS UNITS: Republican Guard, Schwarz Corps


Married; Sophia Natalia Azanov Vitayeva

Father of Natalia Vitayeva

Parents; Deceased


Mikhail Leonid Vitayev, born in 2812, was an officer of the Terran Republic that commanded the Terran Republic Special Forces (TRSF) unit known as Havoc Squad. Mikhail was orphaned by the Invicta Bombings of 2815 during the height of the terrorist campaign, leaving him in the care of the state. Raised in one of the few orphanages in Invicta until the age of twelve, Mikhail was a troubled child, with little regard for many of the subjects he pressed to learn, and an apparent inability to integrate with the rest of his classmates and fellows. This lack of social skills led to him (and a few other young children) being sent to a state military academy by the overseers at the orphanage. The academy, dedicated to training young aspirants from the earliest opportunity, sported a bettered lifestyle and safer habitat for young orphans, and soon led to Mikhail being transferred to the Military Academy of Cassia at age 16 to train as an infantryman. Upon completing this training, Mikhail was directed to a specialization course to cross-train him as a squad leader, which he summarily graduated from in the early months of 2831. After being pushed onto a final training regime, this time to commission as an officer, Lieutenant Mikhail Vitayev was finally deployed on his first tour in the Summer of 2832, to the 1st Schwarz Corps. During this time, Mikhail served to combat the Amerishi Insurgency that had exploded following the death of Brent Waterson in 2748, participating in numerous operations against the rebel faction and earning himself several distinctions and medals for his services, complemented by a promotion to Lieutenant Commander in the Spring of 2834.

Following this promotion, Mikhail was offered a position in the TRSF selections later the same year with a promise of return to the 1st Schwarz Corps, should he fail the process. Mikhail accepted the offer and participated in the grueling selection process, scraping about the cutoff and advancing to indoctrination. Following the eight month process, Mikhail was ordered to select soldiers from various wings of the Republican Army to form a new unit; Havoc Squad. After processing hundreds of service records and psychology evaluations, candidates were put through their paces by both Mikhail and TRSF instructors, until eleven soldiers were left; the original members of Havoc Squad. This new unit proved devastatingly effective against their foes, with an almost unmatched success rate for a unit of their size. Mikhail received a second promotion in 2837, to a full Commander, whereas his subordinate, Lieutenant Damien Huntington, was promoted to a Lieutenant Commander concurrently.

Unfortunately for Mikhail, an operation codenamed Brazen Fist went catastrophically wrong, resulting in the death of the original Havoc. All members perished save for Mikhail himself, Damien Huntington, and Corporal Tarkaen Saur. Following such a major loss, the remainder of Havoc’s original tour was cut short in early 2839, and the three returned to Cyssor as civilians.

Mikhail did not adapt to civilian life well; indeed, he did not know about a life outside of the military. Despite this, a favourite pastime of Mikhail’s, playing guitar, landed him a job with Jade Newgent, who’d split off from the popular band Clockwork Dolls to explore different genres from the band’s somewhat stale and recycled pop. Mikhail and Jade, along with drummer Jason Ashford and bassist Kayode Aziz, went on to write albums together under the band name of Jaded; both a reference to the band’s lead singer and a term used to describe lethargy. Their self-titled first album went on to sell almost a hundred thousand copies.

Following the success of Jaded‘s first album, the group took a break to enjoy life away from the studio. It was during this time, on the 12th of October, 2840, that Mikhail met his future wife, nanoscientist Sophia Azanova, at a lecture at the University of Cassia. The two quickly became entwinned romantically and moved in together within six months, buying a house together on the outskirts of Invicta. In 2841, Damien Huntington, due to financial difficulties, is forced to move in with the couple, until his return to the military two years later. Mikhail and Sophia married in 2842, two years after first meeting each other, and settled down together, expecting to try for a family maybe a year or two down the line. When Mikhail, persuaded by Tarkaen and Huntington’s protests, decided to return to the front for one final tour. However, these plans were somewhat skewed by Sophia’s announcement of her pregnancy. Having already agreed with the military to complete another tour, Mikhail was forced to leave his wife and unborn child on Cyssor and return to Amerish.

Havoc Squad, reformed by Huntington prior to Mikhail’s return, was deployed under Mikhail’s command once more, winning strings of victories for the Republic whenever they took to the field. However, Mikhail began to develop insecurities; apart from the underlying fact that he had a family to go home to, the new Havoc was almost alien to him. Compounding this was their apparent loyalty to Huntington over Mikhail, which sowed the seeds of distrust that would persist for years.

In the early months of 2845, Rebirthing technology was introduced to the Republican military; a pioneering invention that was capable of providing virtual immortality to soldiers, once instantiated. The Rebirthing of soldiers, with memories intact, allowed for the Republic to deploy soldiers in more brazen and risky manners, for the fear of substantial losses was almost entirely mitigated. Havoc Squad, being a TRSF unit, was one of the first batches of soldiers to be instantiated into the Rebirthing matrices. This technology soon tipped the scales in the Republic’s favour, giving Mikhail hope that his tour could end sooner if they should crush the Insurgents on Amerish.

In 2846, the New Conglomerate invaded Indar via a warpgate, ravaging swathes of the land as they stormed towards the major Republican city of Fuscia. Provided with Rebirthing technology by defectors and traitors, they were able to obliterate Republican opposition, even going as far as capturing Fuscia and the major technology plant of Mao near the Republican warpgate coded for Cyssor. Mikhail, like many of his fellow soldiers, fought desperately in the hope that they would be able to protect their homeland, their friends, and their family from the encroaching threat. The Republican Army, however, was pushed to the cusp of defeat, with only a relatively small knot of defenses prepared to hold the last Terran-controlled warpgate on Indar. Only the intervention of the newly-independent Vanu Sovereignty would allow the Republic to retake much of their lost territory and establish a defensive line, ready for the war of attrition that would follow.

The new war, dubbed the Auraxium War by many, would take its toll on his mind. Despite returning home when his tour ended in 2849, Mikhail returned to the front just a year later, shortly following the birth of Sophia’s second child, Vasily. Since then, Mikhail has remained in contact with his family, notably his daughter Natalia, despite refusing to return from the front.