NAME: Damien ‘Fives’ Huntington

RANK: Lieutenant Commander


ACADEMY: Cassia Military Academy


PREVIOUS UNITS: 1st Republican Marines


[Father] Field Marshal (ret.) Blake Huntington

[Mother] Julia Huntington; Deceased

[Sister, Elder] Nicola Huntington


Damien ‘Fives’ Huntington, born in 2815, is an officer in the Terran Republic’s armed forces attached to Havoc Squad. Born into the wealthy family of the decorated former Field Marshal Blake Huntington, Damien was raised to become a part of his family’s long and somewhat prestigious military tradition (noted as stretching back to the time of the Terran Republic’s founding), attending a military youth academy from 12 years of age. Upon his 16th birthday, Damien was accepted into Cassia Military Academy as a candidate for officership. He graduated the Academy two years later in 2834 with the highest honors, being given the title of ‘Graduate of the Year’. Damien was asked to join multiple elite units, amongst them the 1st Sierra Rangers Regiment and the Counter-Terrorist (CT) Corps, before deciding on inducting into the 1st Republican Marines as a Lieutenant. From there, he went on to become a skilled leader at the platoon level, leading Marine detachments to several minor victories across the ravaged forests of Amerish. Damien received his alias of ‘Fives’ during his this time, possibly in reference to his identification code, and his odd obsession with carving a tally of five in various pieces of his equipment. In mid-2836 he was handpicked to take part in the trials to join the later-infamous Havoc Squad upon its formation by Mikhail Vitayev, under orders from [REDACTED]. Fives soared above the final cutoff point, and became Vitayev’s de facto XO. During the celebratory leave Vitayev granted the newly-minted Havoc troopers, Damien met Kiera Whitely, a model of considerable status in fashion circles. The pair remained in touch, and before long, they ended up moving in together into Kiera’s penthouse in Invicta. Fives returned to Havoc before long, promising himself only a couple of more tours to satisfy his father’s wishes before settling down with his new girlfriend properly. Throughout the remainder of 2836 and the following couple of years, Fives juggled tours with his commitment to Kiera, managing to reach the beginning of his supposed final tour in the January of 2839. Fives was wounded during the operation, codenamed Brazen Fist, by an insurgent marksman; Daud Belinski (deceased). This operation also resulted in the permanent death of all but three of Havoc Squad’s consistent members of the time. Fives lost the use of his vocal cords due to his injury, and, for reasons unknown, refused nanomedical treatment to recreate his previous eloquence. Following Brazen Fist, the remainder of Havoc was sent back home to Cyssor.

Damien struggled to adapt to his new impediment; despite being fluent in basic signing, as was demanded by both the Marines and Havoc, he found it difficult to communicate with anyone; Kiera in particular. She became increasingly stressed with her role as Damien’s primary carer, and asked him to leave their abode after several months. Following subsequent calls to the police by neighbours concerning a ‘domestic incident involving destroyed furniture and broken windows’, Fives was forced to relocate to his family’s home elsewhere in Invicta. Damien’s father proved somewhat abrasive and resentful of his son’s disability. Indeed, he too demanded that Damien to leave his house following an argument, despite the protests of Damien’s sister, Nicola, leaving him technically homeless. For several weeks, he remained in a communal home, before moving into Mikhail Vitayev’s home in the early months of 2841. Mikhail, being perhaps Damien’s best, or even only friend, was more than happy to abide by the supposed ‘veteran’s code’ so common amongst retired soldiers. Fives was sure that he demonstrated his gratefulness to both Mikhail and his girlfriend, Sophia, but he slowly made plans to try and put himself back on his own two feet. Following the Summer of 2843, Fives, along with fellow Havoc operative Tarkaen Saur, rejoined the Republican military as TRSF operators. The pair were tasked with reforming Havoc, in much the same way as it was first formed; by processing service records and assessments, before selecting candidates to participate in the nigh-impossible selection course; indeed, the selection course was heavily modified by Fives and Saur to the point where even some TRSF operatives refused to participate in exercises pre-Rebirthing. After almost twelve months of selection and indoctrination, the new Havoc Squad was deployed in multiple scenarios deemed overwhelming or impossible by conventional forces throughout 2844. Shortly after the return of Mikhail Vitayev to the military in the Winter of the same year, Fives’ mental state began deteriorating. Psychologists deemed him unfit for duty and opted to have him removed from active service. Vitayev protested, having Fives remain his XO despite ‘strong recommendations’ from superior officers. However, Fives deserted his post during a brief R&R period at Doujinshi, following the interrogation of Harvey Drake in early 2845, and, going off of intel garnered from said interrogation, singlehandedly eliminated a sizeable insurgent cell in the highlands of Amerish, capturing Daud Belinski; the reason behind his desertion, and bringing him a detainment centre. Shortly following this, Fives tortured Belinski to death, and was subsequently sent to a court martial for evaluation. He was immediately detained and called before [REDACTED] on [REDACTED].


Fives was excused on the grounds of traumatic stress, as well the fact that his father had considerable sway within President Alerie’s military cabinet, and thusly recommended for an honourable discharge. Fives refused, returning to Havoc within the week to continue operations. Fives has remained a critical asset to Havoc, and remains one of the most proficient soldiers at the Republic’s disposal.