Brent Waterson

Waterson was the Lieutenant Commander in charge of military operations aboard the Wormhole Expedition fleet before being promoted to Provisional Commander after the sudden death of Mission Commander Tom Connery. Unbeknownst to all but a few people, Waterson was actually the mastermind behind the explosion aboard the Discovery-7 that took Connery’s life, believing that his plans would doom the entire fleet to anarchy and starvation. His control of the military allowed him to blackmail several key persons—among them Councilman and former Terran Republic Senator Adam Miller—in order to bring his plan to fruition and give himself full control of the expedition. Once the terraforming of the fledgling world concluded, Brent declared himself to be the first President of Auraxis and reinstated the old laws of the original Terran Republic before going about building the great Terran cities that still stand today.